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Who wants to own a bit of airline history? 航空会社の歴史の一部を所有してませんか

Boeing has decided to end the 747 production line in 2022 after fulfilling pending orders. Only 30 747s are still carrying passengers, many airlines having already retired the jet. In July, Qantas flew its last Boeing 747. The Australian carrier is now allowing people to own a part of 747 history: full-stocked bar carts that once serviced passengers onboard the jumbo jet.

The bar carts are among many collectibles stored by the airline, all of which are now open for purchase by the public. The bar carts are perhaps the most interesting objects because they are fully stocked with champagne, red and white wine, and Qantas business-class pajamas. As many as 1000 such carts are available, most of them being half bar carts.

Each half bar cart includes 40 small bottles of red and white wine, a bottle of champagne, two Qantas business class amenity kits, and two sets of Qantas business class pajamas. Few full bar carts, which contain double the items, are also up for grabs. Each half bar cart costs $975, while the full cart can be purchased for $1475. They can also be bought by passengers who have enough Qantas points. Delivery is limited to major city hubs in Australia.

According to the airline, each of the bar carts on sale have been on about 2000 long-haul flights aboard the 747. Now that the 747 has become part of the history of Australia’s largest airline, emotional passengers have a chance to own a bit of that history.

Key Vocabularies :
pending [adj] 保留中の、起ころうとしている。対応されるのを待っている,   amenity [noun] アメニティ、快適性。建物や場所の便利な機能または設備,   up for grabs [other] 手に入れることができる。利用できる、入手できる,   hub [noun] ハブ、拠点、。ハブとは、活動、地域、またはネットワークの実効中心である,   emotional [adj] 感情的な、精神的な。人に感情に関わること,  




Why is Qantas selling about 1000 bar carts?



Apart from cash, what else can be used to buy a Qantas 747 bar cart?



Why are some bar carts priced higher than others?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Many airlines have already ___ the jet.

Can you guess the missing word?



Based on the text, who is most likely to buy the bar carts?

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