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Samsung’s foldable phone is ready for launch サムスンの折り畳み式電話、発売準備完了

Samsung is set to launch its flagship device in the Galaxy series in the form of a foldable smartphone. Its initial launch will be taking place in selected markets following faulty samples from the U.S. launch earlier this April. The Galaxy Fold will cost $1,980.

The Samsung Galaxy fold is set to re-launch in September this year. The company has specially worked on improving the screen and hinges.

Other companies competing with Samsung are Royole and Huawei. While it is a unique concept, the pre-launch testing of foldable phones had mixed reviews regarding its durability.

Samsung said in a statement that they are planning to roll out at least 1 million Galaxy Fold handsets in the first year in comparison with 300 million phones it produces annually on average.

Key Vocabularies :
foldable [adj] 折畳み式。折り畳むことができる、ひとつの部分を別の部分に重ねる,   faulty [adj] 欠陥のある、不完全な。正しく動いていない、足りない,   re-launch [verb] 再開する。(何か)を再び発売すること,   unique [adj] その種としては唯一の。独特の,   statement [noun] 声明。正式な方法、または公式の仕方で述べる、または書く何か,  




What is unique about Samsung’s new flagship device?



How many units of the Galaxy Fold will be produced per year?



The new Galaxy Fold will have an improved

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The device had mixed reviews regarding its durability.

In this sentence, the word durability is closest in meaning to



Other companies _____ with Samsung are Royole and Huawei.

Which of the following words would you use to complete the sentence?



What was the problem in the U.S. launch of the device?

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