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Chiptunes: making music out of old chips チップチューン、古いチップから音楽を作る

Video games are evolving. Today, gaming is quite prevalent over PCs and mobile phone. However, older generations still remember the basic games that were played decades ago. One of the things that attract fans to older games is their sound track. Earlier video games had sound track that was similar to digital sounds. The 8-bit game generation came with its unique chip music called chiptune.

Chiptunes made their humble debut with the arcade games as early as 1975 with examples like Gun Fight of 1975. The first game to have continuous background music was Space Invaders of 1978. All these basic sounds helped heighten the gaming experience for early generation gamers.

Today fans and collectors of old video games are finding ways to use these chiptunes. An Australian musician cTrix has found means to create chiptunes using a combination of games from 1977-1992. cTrix along with similar innovators are now touring the world with their new chiptunes that is attracting the audiences.

Key Vocabularies :
evolve [verb] を進化させる。一定の期間を経て次第に変化させること,   prevalent [adj] 普及している。広くまたは一般的に発生している,   humble [adj] 謙虚な。普通の、特別でない、あまり重要でない,   innovator [noun] 革新者。新しい方法、アイデア、または製品などを導入する人,   attract [verb] 惹きつける。興味をそそる。,  




According to the text, what attracted gamers toward the older generation video games?



The first game with continuous background music was



The ___-bit game generation came with chiptunes.

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Chiptunes made its debut with the arcade games.

In this sentence, the word debut is closest in meaning to



The basic sounds helped ______ the gaming experience.

Which of the following words would you use to complete the sentence?



What is causing the new interest in Chiptunes?

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