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What is Alternative Energy? 代替エネルギーとは何か?

The US EPA, (United States Environmental Protection Agency) has plans to remove regulations on Methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas. This comes at a time when most countries are striving to find ways to use renewable energy. But, what is alternative energy exactly?

Alternative energy is any energy source that is an alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Such alternatives include: hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, solar, hydrogen, bio-fuels, biomass and wave power.

Renewable energy is generated from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat which are naturally resupplied. ... Many countries are investing heavily in renewable sources of energy. Two outstanding examples of countries using renewable energy sources to a high degree are Iceland and Norway.

Most of the total primary energy supply in Iceland comes from naturally renewable sources, geothermal and wind. In fact, most houses in Iceland are heated with geothermal energy and is the world's largest green energy producer and largest electricity producer per person.

Likewise, Norway is a heavy producer of hydropower and has a steady supply of offshore wind and wave power. Hydropower has been used by Norwegian industry and has been using that type of energy since the late 1800s. The major role of hydropower is to produce electricity, and requires plenty of rain to supply the dams and reservoirs. Norway produces double the energy it needs, which makes it possible to export power to nearby countries. This puts the country in a unique position in Europe.

Worldwide interest in alternative sources, especially renewable energy sources, is becoming more popular. Using renewable alternative sources of power can result in lower energy costs, more sustainable options and more reliable power. Surely, these are enough reasons to encourage us to use such sources of energy.

Key Vocabularies :
fossil fuels [noun] 生物の残骸から地質学的過去に生じる石炭やガス等の天然燃料,   geothermal [adj] 地球の内部熱から生成するもの、もしくはそれに関連するもの,   likewise [adv] 同様に、また,   sustainable [adj] 一定率、または一定のレベルで維持できること,   offshore [adj] 海岸からいくらか距離のある海に位置する,  




According to the article, regulations related to what resource will be changed?



Which renewable energy is most common in Icelandic homes?



What is an example of renewable energy?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Using renewable alternative sources of power can result in lower energy costs, more sustainable options and more reliable power.

In this sentence, the word sustainable is closest in meaning to



Iceland was referred to as the world’s largest green energy producer. Which country is considered a close second?

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