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Uyghur "re-education" Camps ウイグル族「再教育」キャンプ

In northwest China is the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region mainly occupied by the Turkic speaking Muslim ethnic group, the Uyghurs. In the last decade, the Chinese government has established hundreds of camps and imprisoned over a million Uygurs.

The camps are officially listed as education centers and ""show camps" opened to western journalists show inmates sitting in classrooms learning Mandarin and other government approved subjects.

Outside these "show camps", the stories are different. According to released inmates and family members, Uyghurs are tortured, thrown into solitary confinement, and other stressful conditions. Once their will is broken, the inmate will undergo re-education designed to transform him or her into a model Chinese citizen.

According to the government, the arrests and imprisonments are necessary to fight terrorism and separatism in the region. However, the scale of imprisonment suggests the government is attempting to transform the population into loyal Han Chinese citizens.

Uyghurs have been arrested for having long beards, wearing a veil or any other public display of religion. Contact with relatives abroad can result in arrest. Uyghurs who work abroad are frequently arrested as soon as they return. The slightest hint of disloyalty or religious behavior can have entire families and even villages imprisoned.

Unlike most countries, citizens can be detained but not charged with a crime. Moreover, they receive no trial, nor are they given access to a lawyer. And if both parents are arrested, children will disappear and will be difficult to find. Release will only occur once the inmate has demonstrated loyalty to the state and the President. Thus, the government actions suggest an attempt to wipe out an ethnic group not to protect the state from terrorism.

Key Vocabularies :
imprison [verb] 拘禁されること、捕虜、人質,   inmate [noun] 牢獄または病院等の施設に閉じ込められた人,   solitary confinement [noun] 囚人が罰として別の房にひとりでいれられること,   will [noun] 熟考した上での、又は確固とした要望または意思,   wipe out [verb] 完全に破壊し消し去ること,  




How do the "show camps" and education centers present the inmates to the western world?



According to the article, the number of Uyghur imprisoned suggests what about the Chinese government’s intentions?



How is the legal process in northwest China different from most other countries?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


According to released inmates and family members, Uyghurs are tortured, thrown into solitary confinement, and other stressful conditions.

In this sentence, the word solitary confinement is closest in meaning to



The Chinese government’s creation of "show camps" where a positive environment of educational classes is displayed for western journalists is an example of:

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