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Industries Get Greener 環境問題への意識が高まる企業たち

Some industries are working to lessen their environmental impact. The construction industry is a heavy polluter, responsible for 40% of earth’s C02 emissions. The first digitally fabricated home has been built in Zurich, including ceilings made on site by 3D printers and the use of robots to construct beams and energy efficient walls, also on site.

Using this technology means fewer C02 emissions usually caused by transporting materials and supplies. The hope is that other organizations begin to do their part to build structures more sustainably.

Called "disposable fashion," much clothing today is worn for shorter periods of time due to lower cost and lower quality. This harms the environment with increased C02 emissions needed to produce greater quantities of clothing and ship them.

In response, thirty-two top fashion houses have created "Fashion Pact G7." This group is committed to diminishing their environmental impact by agreeing to meet specific SBT’s (science-based targets) in a variety of areas.

One of the most impressive and specific common goals is to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The other two major areas of focus are protection of bio-diversity and our oceans. This could be a classic win-win.

Key Vocabularies :
lessen [verb] 減少させる、または減少する、少なくする,   beam [noun] 長く頑丈な角材の一片、または建物の天井部又は床を支えるために使用する金属,   sustainably [adv] 特定の率またはレベルで維持できる方法で,   diminish [verb] 減少させる、または減少する。少なくなる,   eliminate [verb] (何かを)完全に失くす、または排除する,  




Which industry is considered a heavy polluter?



According to the article, how does creating a digitally fabricated home help the environment?



What are the common goals of the "Fashion Pact G7"?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Some industries are working to lessen their environmental impact.

In this sentence, the word impact can be replaced with:



The article refers to building structures more sustainably. In this context, sustainably can best be described as:

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