Savour the Moments 瞬間を味わう!

今回は「Savour the Moments 瞬間を味わう!」という内容です。Markさんのいつもながらのポジティブなメッセージをお聴き下さい。



Changing Perspectives

You may remember that in last month’s installment it was suggested that we take advantage of the extra daylight to strengthen our immune system. Furthermore, tiny tweaks can make a big difference in our lives. If you haven’t done so yet, it’s never too late! This month, I would like to offer a suggestion to help improve both mental and physical health.

Most of my English classes start with a simple task. I ask participants to tell me something good about this week. The purpose is to get people engaged and to encourage everyone to be in the habit of focusing on the positives. The initial response is to say something like, “Mmm…nothing special happened this week.”

This is part of the brain’s negative bias that causes us to be more aware of the negatives. However, we can overcome this to some degree. How? Savour the moments. That means getting in the habit of being aware when something makes you feel good and hold on to that feeling as long as you can before your mind moves on to the next thought. A few seconds is enough, even thirty seconds or a minute can be possible with a little practice. Stop and smell the flowers, is not just a cliché, it can really help you. When you see or smell a nice flower, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, or take that first sip of coffee or tea of the day, spend a moment or two to appreciate the now; in other words, savour the moment.

If it sounds too simple to be effective, that could be the negative bias talking again. The fact is, the longer and more we embrace the now, the stronger the memory will be, which will lead to a feeling of overall happiness. The release of dopamine, a chemical in the body that helps us feel pleasure, will allow us to feel better, more secure, and simply happier. And, as you know, a happier mind will lead to a healthier body.

It is often said that people don’t like change. It could be argued that people fear change, especially big change. With that in mind, once again, let me encourage you to make tiny tweaks to your life by taking several moments each day to be aware of all the good things that happen. Make a mental note and share it with a friend or family member. This virtuous circle can lead to better health and happiness for you and all those around.

Wishing you perfect health and happiness, always.

Mark Tofflemire
Tailor Made Inc.

Savour Every Moment 関連の動画を一本どうぞ!

Key words and phrases

Savour/savor: taste or enjoy something to the fullest

Installment: i) a sum of money due as one of several equal payments for something, spread over an agreed period of time. ii) any of several parts of something which are published, broadcast, or made public in sequence at intervals.

Engaged: occupied or busy, active
Negative bias: (psychology) the brain’s tendency to focus more on the negatives and disregard the positives

Cliché :an expression that is overused to the point that its intended meaning is lost

Embrace: accept a belief enthusiastically

Dopamine: a chemical in the brain that is responsible for helping people feel pleasure

It could be argued that: a useful phrase that allows the speaker to remove the “I” from the sentence and, therefore, the speaker can avoid a commitment to the opinion

Virtuous circle: a chain of events, a positive that leads to a positive until it comes back to the start

Repeated from last month’s installment:

Immune system: the defense system of the body
Take advantage of: use to one’s benefit
Tweak: make small adjustments, fine-tune








人は変化を好まないとよく言われます。人は変化を、特に大きな変化を恐れているとも言えます。 そのためにも、日々の生活の中で小さな工夫をすることをお勧めします。1日に何度か、良いことを意識してみてください。そして、それをメモして友人や家族と共有してください。この好循環が、あなたや周りの人たちの健康と幸せにつながるのです。


Mark Tofflemire
Tailor Made Inc.




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